Green Smoothies & Juicing: Doesn’t work for me



I’ve tried a few great green smoothies and juicing recipes. Yet, I can never bring myself to stick to this habit. I’ll make them every now and then to fresh myself with a cold drink. However, there’s a decent reason why juicing isn’t for me: my food doesn’t last as long. My fruits and veggies can be all used up with just a few drinks made and I’m back at the grocery store, once again. Then, when produce is not in season, it’s so pricey…I’ll have to hunt down some good stores for the best price. I’m far from “organic” but I’m introducing those products to my family. Sonny loves his Organic milk, I love Organic Almond butter. It’s a start to a new lifestyle and healthier habits for us.

I’m sure there’s more people out there who understand why Juicing and Smoothies aren’t my “thing”, I’m not a big fan of drinking my veggies and fruits. I like to grill veggies with a nice steak and have a big ol’ glass of mint tea.


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