5 Quick Tips to Avoid Diabetes



Lots more people are being diagnosed with Diabetes, 25% of Americans have diabetes or prediabetes and have no clue about it. Yet only 4% that area aware that they’re diabetic, manage their body with exercise, healthy meals, eating controlled portions and keep their stress levels controlled. These are a few helpful tips to reduce your blood sugar levels:

Eat more Veggies and Less Starchy Carbs
There are so many alternatives to those cravings, we really have no excuse to not be aware of our help. Instead of that greasy set of fries, with a blob of ketchup. Order a green salad with a dash of crutons and avocado salsa.

Befriend the Scale
People who often have higher blood sugars, and decide to exercise…then drop at least 10+lbs notice a difference in their sugar level reading. That painful pinch to your finger will test a better reading if you’re attempting to control your weight.

Walk the Dog or Ride your Bike!
Exercising doesn’t have to be boring or intense. A simple stroll with your dog or friend, bike ride just for 35 mins per day (4 hours a week) can reduce your risk of getting diabetes by at least 80%.

Cinnamon will be a new BFF
It may sound silly, but yes…make cinnamon your new friend. This spice helps reduce the chances of your blood sugar rising. It’s a great kick to add to your coffee or yogurt.

Relax and Unwind
Chronic stress rises your blood sugar levels, pick up a hobby and enjoy your day. Go visit a friend and take a shopping trip (that’s a mini-workout!). Allow yourself to be  happy around the people you love the most, don’t stress out and chat about happy and positive events. Avoid ranting and negativity as it will most likely add more stress. Get enough rest at the end of your day.



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