My Fav Photo Edit App: PicLab



App Review: PicLab

If you love creating cool pictures for your Instagram, Blogging and Pinterest account…this is the App for you! Most teenage girls and women, we love beauty and color. PicLab app allows you to add groovy text on top of your images, new textures, filters and so much more. It lets you share the finish product of your creation. Typically just like its other competitor apps, but this is yet…so far the best.

With technology advancing so quickly in the palm of our hands, literally…this app is a great way to help your blog and business boost without investing too much. What I love about it, is since we are attracted to beauty, you can literally get more readers to visit your site because of a beautiful featured image. With all of the new social media outlets that are available, PicLab did a great job at allowing so many sharing options. It’s easy to learn and very creative. The best part, it’s completely free and the it’s not disappointing. It’s highly rated, I would gladly pay the $0.99 or $1.99 upgrade to unlock all features. This could really help social media Entrepreneurs.

Kudos to this app. Love it!


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