Shopping for Fitness Clothing

I’m not one to go splurge on pricey fitness clothing. I do have two sets of Nike footwear comfy shoes that were a it over $80, yet I also have a few sets of cute colorful $10-$15  Target or Walmart fitness shoes. With a growing toddler, I like to buy my son the nicer things. I spoil myself every so often. I usually do it with nice comfy shoes. My shorts, yoga pants and shirts are almost always just cheap finds. I hit the clearance racks or the $5-$6 workout short selections so I can grab a few pairs and they tend to always have some cute patterns. I’m not a big brand snob, I love to bargain hunt and get as much as I can with limited spending budget. If I’m at Kohls, of course I’ll jump into the clearance and sale rack in the sportswear department. It’s my favorite!


I love my new $14.95 Avia Girl’s Sneakers, got them at Walmart and they’re so cute!  I love the pink and grey match. I’m planning on getting some dark grey and purple sneakers in two weeks or so. There’s been a few times when I find extremely dirt cheap running shoes at Kohls for $25, that are normally $90+.

I know I’m not the only person who loves to save on fitness clothing..


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