1 Frapp is Equivalent to 6 Donuts!

unnamed   Holy Cow! Check out what my fellow Instagram friends @PeaveLoveandLift shared, one Frappuccino is equivalent to eating 6 Donuts! Who knew that much sugar is added to those?!?! I know there’s tons of sugar, but jeez! 6 donuts! That’s outrageous. I used to guzzle these down a few years ago but honestly, the coffee is so strong and it doesn’t to much for me other than give me a high calorie intake. I try to watch what I drink as I hate to drink away calories.   My favorite drinks are typically: Water, Green Tea, Passion Tea (about the only thing I buy at Starbucks!), ever now and then I’ll have a Diet Dr. Pepper, only if I’m having a scrumptious In-N-Out burger. Those are bomb! My face and skin seems to love all of the water I drink, as I noticed that when I drink crumby fluids, my skin looks horrible. “Homicide is 0.8% of deaths. Diet-Related disease is over 60%. But no one talks about it.”  – Jamie Oliver What do you drink? I’d love to try new alternatives…


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