What’s Herbalife Aminogen?

Aminogen is a capsule that helps break down protein into amino acids. It reduces bloating caused by incomplete protein digestion. Promotes lean muscle mass, therefore helps you get fit without the extras. It keeps the skin firm, keeping it from sagging when you loose weight. Basically it tones your body as you loose weight! People who have lost weight and have that “saggy skin” should consider taking this product. As it tightens your skin while you’re on your weight loss journey and will boost your confidence!
Celluloss is also a capsule that gets rid of water weight and those dimples on your skin. That’s right! It will help improve your skin and give it that healthy look. Goodbye Cellulite! It drains the extra water weight retention that is kept inside, making you feel bloated. It’s 100% real and awesome! My clients love this!

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