Herbalife Concentrate Tea

I’m not the type to really be dishonest about a product. There are some pros and cons about the Herbalife Tea. I love the energy I get from the Herbal Tea Concentrate made by Herbalife. It truly gives me the determination to get through my day. With a young 2 year old toddler and 3 dogs, I basically NEEDthis as my morning “coffee” replacement. The thing I dislike about drinking coffee in the morning is the amount of sugar or cream that I’ll need to add, in order for me to cover up the dull strong taste.
My honest opinion about the way the Herbalife Tea taste, I always add my own Crystal Light water enhancer to give a more flavored that I like. As you can see, I took a picture of my tea mixed with in my water bottle. Then I add that crystal light 0 calorie water enhancer.
I bought the enhancer at Walmart, for roughly $3.50 and use it daily with my tea. It makes it unbelievably good. Sonny, my 2 year old even loves it.
  • Burns 80 Calories
  • Gives you Energy
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Comes in assorted flavors
  • Contains Antioxidants
  • Instant Mix & Low-Calorie
  • Only 2 sizes available 1.8 oz & 3.5 oz.
There aren’t many cons as it basically has so many different positives about this product. However, I think if they were to add a larger size, this will cut down on repurchasing the product. Let’s face it, everyone hates paying shipping! Once you try it, you’ll feel so much more energy, that it’ll drive you to purchase more and swap out that high sugar coffee in the a.m.



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